Monday, February 18, 2013

Marketing with Email Signatures

Think about how many business emails you send each day. Now think about the email signature you're currently using on your emails. While email signatures are commonly used as a way to identify the sender and provide important contact information, many people are missing out on the valuable opportunity to use their signature line as a marketing tool. Here are a few tips to help you create an effective email signature that your recipients will remember:
  • Create brand recognition by including your logo, tagline, mascot, or other graphic that is tied to your brand.

  • Choose images carefully and use them sparingly, so your signature doesn't overpower your message.

  • Increase web traffic by enticing readers to visit your web link for a free sample, free white paper, or to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • If you include a web link, spell out the address rather than using hyperlinks. This will eliminate trust issues caused by opening an unknown link and will also make it easy for recipients to copy and paste the address into their browser.

  • Offer a teaser that entices the reader to ask for more information or to click a link to learn more.

  • Personalize your email signature with a photo to help readers put a face with your name.

  • Consider adding a brief quotation that represents your business or provides an insight into your personality.

  • Create a consistent brand image by standardizing email signatures throughout your company.

  • Change up your messaging frequently to keep it fresh and interesting for email recipients.

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