Friday, September 30, 2022

Top 8 Print Marketing Design Hints

Designing marketing materials has much room for creativity, but you should also avoid common mistakes.

If you aren't a graphic designer, you may be tempted to do your own thing, but there are some definite no-nos in design. Here are nine hints to guide you.

Top 8 Print Marketing Design Hints

1. Have a clear concept for your marketing campaign

When people start designing, they often keep adding to it without a clear idea of the desired design.

This is a big red flag that your design is off to a bad start. You need to know what you want your design to look like.

2. Use symbolism

For example, try to enhance the text's mood with a sketch, a drawing, an image, or a picture representing what you are trying to communicate.

3. Target the right audience with your print media

Your content isn't for everyone.

But there's one particular group of people you should always aim to impress and engage: your target audience.

Think like them. Read like them. Try to entertain and engage them in your words and design.

4. Use white space

Make sure you don't pack everything into your design.

You may have great design ideas, but you don't need to use them all in one place. Instead, save some for future projects.

5. Add pictures and graphics

Don't just pack in the text.

There needs to be a break in the page. Add a pertaining photo or an image of something else with its own caption. Maybe it's a picture of a new employee, a party you had for your clients or a giveaway.

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most effective, so don't overdo it with images. There are ways to make your design clean, clear, and attractive without too many graphics. You want it to look uniform and enhance the text.

6. Be consistent across your marketing channels

Whether it's fonts, colors, or images, make sure you're consistent.

This helps tie your design down into one visually appealing and harmonious look.

So keep it similar, using specific colors, fonts, or designs.

7. Be careful with the fonts

Stay with two to three fonts throughout the publication you are producing.

8. Choose colors wisely

Understanding color theory and psychology can help you use colors at their optimal best.

Colors can set the tone, mood, and style of your design.

Don't go crazy picking a variety of colors. Instead, be consistent and keep the colors in the same family.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Leadership Tips For Marketers

Being a leader is a big job, but what does it mean to be a great leader? And how will it transfer into your marketing efforts?

5 Leadership Tips For Marketers

1. Lead by example

You need to show up and lead in how you work. You will not be an effective leader if you talk a big game but don’t do anything.

If you promise to do something, do it. If you offer to explain something, explain it.

Show your employees how effective you are by how much you do (versus just saying what you do). This translates into your marketing efforts when your business follows through on its promises.

When customers see you are a person of your word, it makes a big statement.

2. Be humble

When someone does something above and beyond, acknowledge them. Don’t always talk about yourself. This is true in marketing too.

Show the customer what you can do to help them, rather than just bragging about your achievements.

3. Take care of yourself

Take part in a hobby that might introduce you to new people and prospects.

Make sure you are getting enough rest so that you are refreshed.

One study found that 45% of adults with less than eight hours of sleep were irritable, 52% lost their patience, and 40% felt overwhelmed.

When you aren’t rested, it’s hard to come up with new ideas for your business, and it’s hard to enjoy yourself.

4. Strategic thinking is a must

To be an effective leader, you must have a vision for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. This is also true in marketing. You need to know what you hope to achieve with each piece you send.

A strategy fails because it’s not defined and communicated well.

Leaders must understand the company’s business goals and align the marketing department to meet and exceed those objectives.

5. Be comfortable being uncomfortable

In business, you must go with the flow and be flexible with situations. No one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, but it impacted all of us.

Businesses need to be able to come up with new strategies when things change.

This is the case in marketing as well, as we need to shift our marketing to reach our audience where they are.

There are so many facets to being a great leader and marketer, and these are only a few. We want to help you continue to be the proactive leader you are.

That’s why we want to team up with you to produce your best marketing products ever.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

5 Top Reasons Tracking Metrics is Vital

You stress over minor details. You plan. You delegate. You edit. You design. Then you execute.

Your marketing deserves to be read and digested. But how do you know how effective it is? That's where tracking metrics come in.

Without tracking metrics, you have no idea if your campaign and business are thriving.

Proper metrics should be giving you answers to the following questions:

  • What were your results in the past?

  • What are your goals for the future?

  • Is there something that should be improved?

  • Which targets did you reach?

  • Which targets did you miss?

5 Top Reasons Tracking Metrics is Vital

1. Makes your business efficient.

Looking at metrics helps analyze how well all aspects of your business are doing.

When you're able to view and analyze key metrics, it makes it much easier to run your business. In addition, you know where to invest your resources and focus on the most critical issues.

2. Gauges performance of staff.

Tracking metrics helps analyze the performance of your staff, and it will show you what areas are succeeding and what areas are lacking.

Then, if there are problems, you can tackle the issues head-on.

If not, you can reward your employees.

3. Alerts you to problems.

Keeping an eye on metrics will immediately alert you to problems and issues in your business.

This helps when you're out of the office or on vacation and want to stay updated on how things are going.

In addition, metrics will alert you to the areas you need to focus on when you return.

4. Develops accountability and consistency.

Knowing what areas to improve will help your business become more vital.

It's like training for an athletic event. The more specific your metrics are, the better you are to train for the big day or event.

5. Improves business.

Good metrics rely on numbers rather than opinions.

Words like good quality, bad quality, and acceptable quality are vague. They may depend on the personal opinion of the person expressing them.

But when you have the numbers in place, you can get the numbers that will enable you to improve your business.

When you have good metrics, you can improve different areas of your business, coach your employees, and meet your customers' needs.

Our metrics show that our customers are happy with our products and service, as you are probably aware.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

5 Best Ways to Combine Print and Social Media

Print and social media go hand in hand.

Promoting your business online is great because it doesn’t cost much and helps track customers.

But people still shop at stores and go to companies in the flesh. You must be ready for people when they stop at your business place.

So here’s the best way to combine the two ways to market your business: print and social media. Take a look.

5 Best Ways to Combine Print and Social Media

1. Post on Facebook.

Post regularly to actively reach your audience. It doesn’t have to be much, but it will keep your name at the top of everyone’s mind.

For example, try posting an inspirational quote, or try your hand at writing a short article on where your business excels.

2. Don’t forget Linkedin.

Another great social media tool is Linkedin. This reaches specifically to other business people, and it doesn’t have to be a long post.

Still, it’s the perfect way to spotlight your products and services. Let people know what you offer and how you can help them.

Use testimonials to let the public know you have helped others succeed.  

3. QR codes are making a comeback.

Adding a QR code to your printed materials will combine the two worlds, online and offline.

Link it to a coupon or sale just for them when they scan the code. This will take them to a specific site that will inevitably help you track what they are looking for.

4. Create giveaways.

Run a promotion using printed materials to engage customers and offer something exciting.

Use rack cards or flyers with all your contact information and a call to action. Even though this method uses direct mail and printed items, it proves worthwhile.

Research consistently demonstrates that direct mail outperforms other marketing tactics regarding response rate.

5. Use hashtags.

Hashtags help you tie everything back to your brand and make it easier for you to track mentions of your campaign, event, product, or business.

This enables you to use both the printed word and online in a combined effort. For example, Indiana University leveraged hashtags as part of a brilliant admission promotion.

The simple use of the hashtag #IUsaidYes on bright, bold red envelopes produced a viral social media campaign when students began posting selfies with their acceptance letters.

Whether you prefer—online or offline marketing—you need both in advertising.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Top 5 Effective Communication Tips for Leaders

It’s impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator.

When you are talking to employees, effective communication is the key.

But what does this indeed mean? How does one effectively communicate?

Here are the top five tips to help you improve your communication so that everyone is informed.

Top 5 Effective Communication Tips for Leaders

1. Listen.

Communication is about listening more than talking. The best communicators are great listeners and astute in their observations.

To be effective at communication, you must listen to what is being said verbally and through body language.

Focus on what the person is genuinely saying rather than what you think they will say.

Try to reiterate it in your own words to make sure you heard them. Listen for emotions behind their communication; then ask more questions about that topic.

Feel free to say, “You sound like you feel strongly about this. Tell me more.”

2. Delegate effectively.

When giving directions, make sure you cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how. These are critical to ensuring your orders are understood and that you provide all the necessary steps.

Let employees know their part of the project is vital and part of a larger project (if it is). That way, they know that their deadlines mean something.

3. Read between the lines.

Great communicators watch for non-verbal signs and what is left unsaid. Astute leaders know that there is far more to be gained by surrendering the floor than by filibustering.

Being the leader doesn’t mean you need to do all the talking. Getting insights from your employees and coworkers is instrumental in effective communication.

We are often taught to talk more effectively. Still, in reality, we need to listen and watch more effectively to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Know Your subject matter.

When you do speak, make sure you have all the necessary information at hand. Be the expert. Otherwise, you will lose your audience quickly.

The “fake it till you make it” standard is gone.

Today, people want accurate and genuine information and can spot a fake quickly.

5. Show empathy.

When you genuinely know your audience, they will listen more closely. Show compassion so that they know you can relate to them.

Show that you care about your audience, and they will listen and follow your lead.

Finally, practice transparency and authenticity when communicating with your team members to build trust.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, these steps will help you to become a more effective communicator.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

The Beginner's Guide for Creative Marketing Campaigns

Creativity in marketing campaigns is invaluable. 

Creative campaigns help you stand out, allowing you to reach more people. The more people reached, the more successful your campaign.

But how exactly can you come up with creative marketing campaigns? Below are some ideas to help you out. 

Get inspired for creative marketing campaigns 

Look to places such as social media and local or national news for inspiration. Try to participate in TikTok trends, especially if they connect well to your business. Look to the news. Is anything happening you can find a way to relate to your company? 

Use FOMO for creative marketing campaigns 

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is quite a powerful marketing technique. 

In fact, 60% of people make purchases because of FOMO. Usually, the purchase is within 24 hours. Tap into this through limited-time specials and discounts. Build up the anticipation through emails and direct mail, letting consumers know it’s coming up. Perhaps take it a step further by only making it accessible to people who complete an action, such as visiting your store or following you on social media. 

People will do a lot for limited-time opportunities. 

Be charitable for creative marketing campaigns

Consumers like to support businesses that care about and support good causes. 

82% of consumers prefer companies that support and donate to charities. Look around for causes that you and your employees care about. Find a way your business can support it. Perhaps give it attention within your marketing. Say X% of the proceeds will go to the organization. Or your business will be closed for a day so you and your employees can volunteer. 

Either way, make it known that your business cares about that cause. When consumers support you, they’ll also be supporting others. 

Engage daily for creative marketing campaigns

Not every marketing strategy has to relate to your business directly. 

In fact, sometimes it can be more effective if it doesn’t. Maybe customers don’t want to get an ad from your business daily. But perhaps they do want to get a daily quote, fun fact, cute animal picture, or joke. Allow customers to opt-in or out of this daily content.

Customers will associate your business with something positive while not getting angry for being overly advertised to.

Create interactive content for creative marketing campaigns

Customers enjoy participating actively rather than passively. 

Interactive content includes… 

  • A decision tree to help customers make those tough decisions

  • A quiz to help a customer discover new things about themselves

  • Polls for customers to voice their opinions. 

Giving customers a way to participate in your marketing materials actively makes the experience more memorable and enjoyable. 

Beginner’s guide for creative marketing campaigns

Perhaps your industry has some barriers to entry. 

Help potential customers by creating an easy guide into the industry by defining complicated jargon, providing them with the dos and don’ts, giving insider tips, and everything else they’ll need to get started. 

Provide value for creative marketing campaigns

Stand out from your competitors by adding unique value to your customers. 

Conduct case studies or interview industry experts to get one-of-a-kind information that can only be found through your business. By contributing up-to-date and interesting material to the industry, you’ll draw people in. 

Being creative and coming up with new ideas to reach customers can be daunting. Look around for inspiration and refer to this guide for ideas. 

Every marketing campaign isn’t complete without a diverse method of communication. The more methods you use, the better your chance of reaching people. Limited-time sale notifications can be sent out through direct mail, and a beginner’s guide could be shared through a brochure.

Wherever your creativity takes you, we’ve got you! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

5 Printing Tips to Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential for any business. 

A business’s brand is the mix of perceptions and emotional connections people tie to the company. 

Companies should try to manage their brand through advertisements that reinforce the company’s message and image. 

Print can be a powerful tool to boost brand awareness and reinforce your brand’s message. 

1. Direct mail boosts brand awareness

Direct mail is highly effective, with about 79% of households saying they read or scan direct-mail ads.

Follow these steps when sending out direct mail: 

  • Apply your brand guide. Include your signature color, font, and logo. Having a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.

  • Keep your brand consistent. Customers will learn to associate your business with specific colors and feelings.

  • Include a clear call to action in your direct mail initiative. Provide prospective customers with a next step. 

Direct mail is one of many print avenues to boost brand awareness. 

2. Catalogs boost brand awareness 

Catalogs are a relaxing way for customers to look at your business’s products or services. 

Catalogs can be compelling if you use the below tactics.

Brand awareness is about getting your brand out there in as many formats as possible. 

3. Make your brand memorable to boost brand awareness

Print is a powerful tool for memory. 

Studies show that the brain can more easily absorb print. In fact, a study found print ads took people 21% less cognitive effort to process the information compared to digital ads. This same study found that people were a little more than 170% more likely to remember information if it was presented through a print ad rather than a digital ad. 

4. Directly address the audience to boost brand awareness

Print is a great way to provide customers with a more personalized approach. 

Use data and technology to target your print ad campaigns. This personalization can help the audience feel like the communication from your business is more direct. 

5. Provide value to the audience to boost brand awareness

Modern consumers value informed businesses. 

Add value to the consumer by creating informative content through blogs, brochures, and knowledgeable employees. The consumer will stumble upon your business when researching and trust your input. 

You can also add value by providing your customers with merchandise such as tote bags, stickers, shirts, chapstick, etc. Consumers love free stuff, and you’re giving valuable items to the customer while generating loyalty. 

Print can help boost your brand by getting your business out there in as many formats as possible while remaining memorable, personal, and valuable. We can help you increase your brand awareness through print. Give us a call at 864-882-3609 or check us out at for more information.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Top 7 Effective Offline Strategies for Your Business

There are many fantastic ideas for advertising your business. Still, remember you need online and offline advertising for effectiveness.

Don’t discount the original ways of marketing just because they aren’t new and a part of social media.

Top 7 Effective Offline Strategies for Your Business

1. Distribute business cards.

Your business card says a lot about you. Don’t forget that you can change it as much as you like. For example, you can print vertical instead of horizontal.

You can use different types of paper to grab people’s attention. And you can add embossing or debossing to further show your originality and style.

2. Use flyers.

If you have a big event, a grand opening, a new product, or a new employee, show off your news with fun flyers. Use graphics and photos to influence the audience further.

3. Publish a book.

To show your expertise, write a book to share your knowledge. For example, you can create an e-book and offer a free download in exchange for an email.

Your book doesn’t have to be long, just provide some great advice.

4. Offer coupons and sales.

By offering coupons, loyalty programs, special discounts, and more, you’re making clients feel privileged while boosting leads and sales.

You can send a special offer through a flyer, postcard, or brochure.

5. Get involved.

You can get your name out by involving the community through organizations or outreaches.

This is beneficial because other business owners will recognize you, and you can make great connections. Then you can cross-promote with each other.

6. Seek speaking opportunities.

A speaking engagement puts you in front of a highly targeted and interested audience already primed and ready to pay attention to what you have to say.

This gets your name out and promotes your business to other prominent people in town. Then when they have questions, they will remember you and go to you for advice and service.

7. Join trade shows.

This is a great way to get your name out and boost traffic to your store. Make sure you have attractive marketing materials at your booth to lure people in and make them remember you.

This is a perfect opportunity to tell people what your business offers and let them know how professional you are.

If you’re afraid your business can’t spring for a booth, go to those vendor trade shows. Even if you’re nervous that your product won’t shine compared with others, get to the trade show. No matter what sort of excuses spring up: Be. At. Trade. Shows.

These tips should help you reach more people, become more confident at promoting your business, and attract more people to your business.

In addition, when you need items printed, we’re here. We offer a quick turnaround and professional services.