Friday, September 30, 2022

Top 8 Print Marketing Design Hints

Designing marketing materials has much room for creativity, but you should also avoid common mistakes.

If you aren't a graphic designer, you may be tempted to do your own thing, but there are some definite no-nos in design. Here are nine hints to guide you.

Top 8 Print Marketing Design Hints

1. Have a clear concept for your marketing campaign

When people start designing, they often keep adding to it without a clear idea of the desired design.

This is a big red flag that your design is off to a bad start. You need to know what you want your design to look like.

2. Use symbolism

For example, try to enhance the text's mood with a sketch, a drawing, an image, or a picture representing what you are trying to communicate.

3. Target the right audience with your print media

Your content isn't for everyone.

But there's one particular group of people you should always aim to impress and engage: your target audience.

Think like them. Read like them. Try to entertain and engage them in your words and design.

4. Use white space

Make sure you don't pack everything into your design.

You may have great design ideas, but you don't need to use them all in one place. Instead, save some for future projects.

5. Add pictures and graphics

Don't just pack in the text.

There needs to be a break in the page. Add a pertaining photo or an image of something else with its own caption. Maybe it's a picture of a new employee, a party you had for your clients or a giveaway.

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most effective, so don't overdo it with images. There are ways to make your design clean, clear, and attractive without too many graphics. You want it to look uniform and enhance the text.

6. Be consistent across your marketing channels

Whether it's fonts, colors, or images, make sure you're consistent.

This helps tie your design down into one visually appealing and harmonious look.

So keep it similar, using specific colors, fonts, or designs.

7. Be careful with the fonts

Stay with two to three fonts throughout the publication you are producing.

8. Choose colors wisely

Understanding color theory and psychology can help you use colors at their optimal best.

Colors can set the tone, mood, and style of your design.

Don't go crazy picking a variety of colors. Instead, be consistent and keep the colors in the same family.

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