Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Extraordinary Marketing: How Your Marketing Can Make an Impact Anywhere

Marketing has a powerful impact on your business.

Marketing matches your business with potential customers around the world, increasing sales. Business owners know the power of marketing, which is why the average local business puts 5-10% of its revenue towards a digital marketing budget.

Extraordinary marketing: Grow your business

The main priority of marketing is to grow your business. 

You can use a variety of avenues to reach your target audience. By having a well-defined business plan, target market, and pain point your company addresses, you’ll be better able to reach the people who need to know about your business. 

Extraordinary marketing: Reach your goals

Marketing is a standard method to reach your goals defined in your short and long-term business plans. 

Some common business goals marketing can address include: 

  • Increase your business’s market share

  • Reach out to community members

  • Maintain or increase profits

  • Growth

  • Establish brand message and voice

  • Improve company value

Take a look at your business’s unique goals. Then, pinpoint which ones you can achieve through a marketing campaign. Finally, plan a marketing campaign with well-defined goals and measuring methods. 

Extraordinary marketing: Customer loyalty 

Loyal customers keep your business going. 

61% of small and medium businesses report greater than half of their revenue coming from repeat customers. It would be difficult for a business to survive without repeat customers. Reach your existing customers through marketing campaigns. 

When your customers shop with you, ask them for their contact information. Then you can keep them updated and coming back for more through newsletters, social media, and direct mail campaigns. 

Extraordinary marketing: Reach anyone anywhere

Today’s global, connected world provides many opportunities for business expansion. 

Small and medium-sized businesses now have the tools to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world. Having a larger target market pool increases your business’s growth potential.

Seize this opportunity by having a well-functioning online store. Then expand the scope of your marketing campaigns to reach people around the globe whom you may not have previously considered. 

Extraordinary marketing: Promising channels

Marketing can take on endless forms.

Often, the best marketing strategy is an omnichannel approach. Examples include: 

  • Influencer marketing: pay a person with a dedicated follower base to endorse or mention your product or service. 89% say ROI from influencer marketing is about the same or better than other channels.

  • Content marketing: create content through various channels to inform customers, driving them to your business.

  • Print marketing: create tangible content you can share with your target market. Print boosts customer loyalty and trust. 

Pay attention to the various forms of marketing and find the ones that work best for you. 

Marketing is integral to the success of your business, and print marketing can be especially powerful.

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