Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Q&A: How Important is the Content in My Print Marketing Materials?

When marketing your business via print, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the different options for crafting memorable and attractive pieces.

But when you look closer, what is the most important element of your print marketing materials?

Simply put, content is king.

Sure, your visuals are eye-catching, but those initial glances won't do you much good if there's no substance to back them up.

Words ultimately provide the foundation for customers to connect with your brand and make purchasing decisions. Carefully chosen words make something tangible from an intangible concept and shape even the strongest visuals into iconic imagery.

When drafting print marketing materials, it's vital to remember - it's your content that wows customers and culminates in conversions!

How Does Content Impact My Print Marketing Materials?

Here are a few ways good content can have a positive impact on your print marketing materials:

1. Good Content Keeps Print Products Memorable

Good content helps capture and hold readers' attention, giving the printed material staying power.

2. Good Content Gets Your Message Across

Content that is well-crafted and written engagingly can help to convey a message or idea firmly.

3. Good Content Sheds Favorable Light on Products and Services

High-quality content fosters a positive impression of the product or service being promoted.

4. Good Content Encourages Action

A print marketing piece containing good content will prompt readers to take action related to the advertised product or service.

5. Good Content Builds Brand Trustworthiness

Good content can help establish credibility and trust with customers, increasing their likelihood of engaging with the advertised material.

What Does Good Content Help Accomplish?

Good content is an effective tool to help you accomplish many goals.

Among the benefits your business can reap from high-quality content in your print materials are:

  • It informs, educates, and entertains readers.

  • It increases brand recognition.

  • It generates leads and customers.

  • It establishes credibility in your field.

  • It fosters trust between you and your audience.

  • It increases website traffic.

  • It strengthens relationships with current customers or clients.

What Does Good Content Look Like?

A 2019 survey conducted by Lyfe Marketing yielded a fascinating statistic: 92% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 23 prefer reading the content found in a print ad to that found on a website. 

What does this mean for today's modern business?

People actually take the time to read the content found in print advertisements!

Good content is easy to identify. It should be clear, concise, engaging, and written in a tone that speaks directly to the target audience's needs.

How Can I Improve the Content in My Print Marketing Materials?

Here are a few key points to ensure your print marketing content hits its mark:

  • Good content starts with a well-written headline or title.

  • Include only relevant information that serves a purpose.

  • Make use of visuals to enhance your message.

  • Keep the tone appropriate for your target customer.

  • Have someone else review your content for clarity and accuracy before it goes to print.

Good content is the key to your print marketing materials that make an impression and inspire action from potential customers.

We can help your content stand out on the printed page. Contact us today to get started!

Friday, April 21, 2023

5 Ways to Speed Up the Printing Process and Get Your Order Sooner

Every company needs print products- packaging, print advertisements, posters, or stationary- to sustain its business. And when you have a hard deadline, finishing your printing project at just the right time can be essential!

Although you can't control every element of the print process, there are some key strategies you can keep in mind to help get your materials in your hands sooner.

5 Ways to Speed Up the Printing Process and Get Your Order Sooner

1. Submit print-ready files

Submitting files that are ready to be printed can significantly speed up the printing process.

Print-ready files are files that are appropriately formatted, correctly sized, have been cropped adequately, and are in the correct resolution.

When you follow these guidelines, your project can be processed more quickly, and you will avoid a holdup because of edits that need to be made later.

2. Communicate

If you have a tight deadline, communicate it to us up front!

When we have this information from the beginning, we can do our best to accommodate your needs and ensure we meet your deadline.

Keeping in touch, in general, can be essential to getting your printing job back quickly. So be sure to check your email regularly for updates so you can answer any questions or clarifications needed while we work on your materials.

3. Use standard sizes

Standard sizes for your print project can help speed up printing because they don't require special setups or adjustments.

Additionally, standard sizes are readily available, so we don't have to order custom paper sizes, which can add additional time to the printing process.

4. Use the right paper stock 

The type of paper stock you choose can also affect the printing process.

We can start immediately if you choose something we already have in-house. Using specialty paper can add time to the printing process if we need to order it. 

Additionally, some paper stocks may take longer to dry, while others may require additional finishing steps such as coating or laminating.

We'll happily explain this to you if you need help selecting!

5. Choose digital printing

Different printing methods have different printing speeds.

For example, digital printing is generally faster than offset printing, which is probably why it is one of the fastest-growing segments of the advertising industry!

If you are in a rush, digital printing is a smart way to speed up your print jobs without sacrificing quality.

In summary, there are several things you can do to help speed up the printing process and ensure that your project is printed quickly and efficiently.

If you're unsure how all of this works, call us, and we'll talk you through it! We're always ready to help you meet your printing needs, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

15 Marketing Power Words That Pack a Punch in Print

When it comes to creating engaging and effective marketing materials, the use of powerful language is an essential part of the process.

From print media, such as brochures, flyers, and banners, to digital marketing, including website copy and emails, using words with impact can help you get your message across in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Marketing Language that Resonates and is Remembered in Print

Using the right power words when writing marketing materials for print media, you can create persuasive copy that stands out and resonates with your audience.

Here are 15 marketing words that you can use to give your print materials impact:

1. Innovative

Let your audience know if you have an innovative product or service.

Showing how you're different from your competitors and ahead of the game will pique potential customers' interest.

2. Revolutionary

Let people know you're not just different. You're revolutionary.

Show them how your product will revolutionize how people think about and use it.

3. Unparalleled

When you are unique, exceptional, or have no equal, inform your potential customers that what you offer has no competition.

4. Expert

Show your audience that you're a thought leader in your field and have valuable knowledge to share.

5. Trusted

Display to people why they can trust you and what sets you apart from other businesses in the industry.

6. Unbeatable

Let customers know that no one can beat you when it comes to quality, cost, or service.

7. Affordable

Show people what you offer is not just a good value. It's also affordable.

8. Cutting-edge

Describe how your product or service is unique, advanced, and ahead of the curve compared to others in the industry.

9. Transformative

Show how your product or service can help positively change people's lives.

10. Exclusive

Give customers a reason to choose you, such as exclusive offers and discounts not available elsewhere.

11. Essential

Show people why your product or service is essential to have and use in their everyday lives.

12. Proven

Demonstrate that your product or service has been proven to work, with research and customer testimonials as evidence.

13. Unrivaled

Let customers know you have no competition regarding quality, cost, or service.

14. Guaranteed

Assure customers that what you offer is backed by a guarantee so they know they can trust you.

15. Remarkable

Show your audience why your product or service is remarkable and stands out.

These 15 marketing power words will help ensure that your print materials make a significant impact and grab the attention of your target audience. Use them to create compelling copy that resonates with readers and helps you succeed in your marketing efforts.

The result?

A stronger presence in the marketplace!

Need some inspiration for your next print project? That's what we're here for! Contact us today to get started on your next print marketing initiative.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What Do Your Print Pieces Say About Your Reputation? You Might be Surprised!

Print products say a lot about who you are as a brand.

What message do you hope to convey to the world?

What kind of image do you want to present?

Print pieces such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and banners are all prime opportunities to showcase your company's personality and values.

Here are some things your print pieces may convey about your reputation.

5 Aspects of Your Reputation You Can Showcase With Your Print Pieces

1. Your Level of Trustworthiness

When potential customers see your print marketing materials, they make assumptions about your level of trustworthiness.

A recent poll conducted by Marketing Sherpa indicated that 82% of internet shoppers were more likely to make a purchase based on a print ad, feeling they are more trustworthy than other types of advertising. 

This is especially true if the design and materials utilized for your print pieces are high-quality.

By taking extra care to produce a beautiful, professional print piece, your potential customers will be more likely to view you as an established and trustworthy business.

2. How Well You Know Your Target Audience

By paying attention to the trends your audience responds to, you can create print pieces that show you understand their likes and dislikes.

If you understand what your potential customers want, they'll be more likely to trust your brand and build a connection with you.

Your print pieces should also be designed to connect with your audience emotionally.

Creating visuals that evoke positive emotions ensures your message resonates with customers and prospects.

Using the right combination of visuals and words will help to create a solid emotional bond between your brand and its target audience, resulting in increased loyalty and brand engagement.

3. How Much You Value Quality

Not all print materials are created equally! 

It's vital that each piece of your print collateral is printed on high-quality paper and features an eye-catching design.

Ensuring this indicates that you value quality. Customers deeply value businesses that take extra care to make sure each of their printed pieces looks great.

This level of detail helps your audience to see that you're a brand that cares about its image and that is committed to delivering quality products and services.

4. Your Creativity

Putting in the effort to craft unique designs that set your company apart from competitors will solidify potential customers' perception of your business as creative and innovative.

Colorful and creative print designs can also be used to capture the attention of potential customers while at the same time conveying enthusiasm, innovation, and optimism about your brand's identity.

Bold typefaces and vibrant, eye-catching visuals can make an impression that stays in your readers' minds long after reading the piece. 

5. The Superiority of Your Product

Well-written print pieces highlight key features or benefits of a product in an informative and accessible manner to help customers understand why they should choose one brand over another – ultimately leading them to associate positive experiences with your company's offerings.

By understanding the power of printed materials, you can create marketing collateral that conveys the right message and helps to establish your brand as a trustworthy and reliable choice.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Pass Your Business Name Around the Office with Custom Notepads for Branding and Promotion

Sometimes we forget the simple things when marketing, such as notepads.

Research shows that people remember more clearly when writing it down than typing it into a tablet or phone.

When you give customers a notepad, they will use it to write down daily notes and phone calls. And they will see your name and logo repetitively, boosting name recognition.

Also, many people are more likely to do business with someone who gave them something.

There are several types of notepads to choose from, and you don’t need to limit yourself to just one. Think outside the box, use them at your front counter as giveaways and promotional items, and give them to new (and existing) customers.

Here are some ideas on how to create fun notepads that get noticed!

5 Top Ways to Use Notepads to Increase Business

1. Mousepad Notebook

Mousepad notebooks are a fun, attractive way to build your brand.

We all use mousepads and search for paper to write our notes on. Why not put it together and create a mousepad that does just that? It’s name recognition all day long, and they can ask for more when they run out.

2. Sticky Notes

Create sticky notes in fun colors with your logo on them.

These are used all day long and all around the office regularly.

3. Magnetic Notepad

Creating a notepad with a magnet can be placed on a refrigerator, file cabinet, or another magnetic surface.

These are helpful not only in the office but to take home and put in plain sight.

And guess what? Potential customers look straight at your logo daily, creating a lasting image in their minds.

4. Journals

Journals are great for keeping meeting notes.

They can also be used at home in a personal way. Either way, your name, and logo are front and center.

5. Be Square

Make a cube notepad that lasts a long time.

These cubes sit on your desk, by your phone, or at the cash register for people to use daily. Your name and logo are imprinted on the side for all to see.

And it’s just a plain, white paper that everyone can use to jot down thoughts, notes, and phone calls.

No matter what types of notepads you create, they are economical to brand your business and cause top-of-mind awareness.

We can help you create one-of-a-kind items that represent your business in a fun, exciting, and professional way. Contact us today to learn more!