Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Four Ways to Build Brand Awareness with Print

In the iconic book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey says successful people “begin with the end in mind.”

Why? Because all things are created twice – once through imagination and later in reality. To succeed in business, you must clarify what you’re trying to accomplish and then optimally position your offering before a target market. Covey states this reality in blunt terms:

“[In business,] the extent to which you begin with the end in mind often determines whether or not you are able to create a successful enterprise. Most business failures begin in the first creation, with problems such as undercapitalization, misunderstanding of the market, or lack of a business plan.”

Building brand awareness is essential if your desired “end” is to grow your sales!

Boost Visibility for Your Business

Just as it takes a blueprint and nails to build a house, it requires strategic marketing to build your brand.

Brand awareness is the bedrock of your sales funnel, so savvy marketers will use every angle to keep their business in mind. Here are four attention-grabbing tools to grow your brand through print.

1. Posters

Posters move readers with a creative and memorable experience.

Posters and large-scale signs are ideal for reaching large audiences. Position yours in busy walkways, storefronts, elevators, bathrooms, and more. This creative advertising causes people to linger or to point out a message to friends.

Using ten posters has a brand recall of 18%, while using 40 or more averages 69%. Placing more posters in a small area can lead to a tremendous increase in recall.

Where could you try that this year?

2. Targeted Print Ads

While digital ads reach a large audience, they are easily ignored.

Statistics show that 4% of people will spend at least 2.8 seconds viewing a digital ad, compared to 88% who will spend the same time on a print ad.

Memorable branding requires “sticky” print ads, so identify when and where your target audience will gather and put newspaper, magazine, or industry publication pieces before them.

3. Promotional Tools

Did you know 79% of people will pick up a brochure and 85% will become aware of new attractions through these pieces?

When you put something physical in people’s hands, the impact of the message multiplies. Where could you use flyers, stickers, booklets, or coasters? Expand your reach with brochures, packaging inserts, sticky notes, and more.

The more creative you are, the better!

4. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

A whopping 40% of customers will try a business after receiving a mail offer. From repair shops to restaurants, entrepreneurs nationwide are finding EDDM an easy and effective marketing solution.

Because your mailing lands directly in the homes and hands of recipients, your company can make repeated impressions to build your base.

EDDM mailings offer an efficient turn-around time, and for less than the price of a stamp, you can send up to 5,000 pieces per day. No lists, no permits, no hassle!

We can guide you through the process! Give us a call today to learn more.

Friday, January 26, 2024

How Door Hangers Can Open Floodgates for New Sales

When you think of door hangers, does cash flow come to mind?

Perhaps not. However, many businesses find these tangible tools bring a remarkable return on investment. Take this example from a neighborhood tree service.

After a violent summer storm in an established neighborhood, many yards were littered with large branches from mature trees. One proactive landscaper was ready with 500 pre-printed custom door hangers, photos, contact information, and an irresistible combo deal pairing yard cleanup with discounts on large-scale trimming packages. Upon distribution, it was common for his business to receive inquiries on projects ranging between $1,000 to $1,500 per job.

If 500 door hangers were printed for $100 -- and landed just one job at $1,500 -- the earnings ($1500) minus the investment ($100) would net a remarkable 1400% ROI. Now, THAT is some killer marketing!

The Power of Door Hangers in Local Marketing Campaigns

Door hangers require some creativity and elbow grease, but they can be highly effective. Here are four reasons these pieces open doors to new business.

Impossible to Miss

Door hangers demand attention!

Unlike digital ads that can be easily scrolled past or ignored, these tangible marketing tools physically occupy a homeowner's space, making it virtually impossible to overlook. With eye-catching design and a compelling message, your business can seize the spotlight in a way that digital marketing often struggles to achieve.

Also, since door hangers aren’t lumped in with other mail items, their stand-alone impact creates a more personal, tactile experience.

A Straight Shot for Targeting the Right Customers

Door-hanger marketing can target key neighborhoods, specific homes, and large event attendees or help initiate conversation in face-to-face marketing.

Which communities or customers are the perfect fit for your product and services? Once you identify these details, door hangers tailored to this demographic will generate even greater success.

The Price is Right

Door hangers offer a cost-effective way to achieve high visibility.

In-the-hand advertising leverages the power of touch to engage prospects that might breeze by traditional marketing methods.

With a strategic approach, you can reach a significant number of potential customers without breaking the bank, making door hangers an attractive choice for businesses aiming to maximize their marketing budget.

Fun, Memorable, and Effective

Door hangers don’t have to be rectangular—they can be customized to fit your business.

Snow removal providers can design their hangers in the shape of a snowman. Automotive service hangers can be shaped like a car. Coffee shops can shape their piece as a perfect steamed latte. Door hangers are also flexible enough to do double or triple duty. Include a business card or coupon on the bottom or even attach a chip clip the recipient can keep.

Adding that extra dimension will ensure your branding really sticks! Studies have found that the more ingenuity and quality you put into your direct marketing collateral, the better your performance will be.

Contact us today to start a custom door hanger campaign! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

3 Crucial Elements for Crafting Irresistible Direct Mail Offers

Did you know that the average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail per year? If you want to make your company’s mailings stand out among all the others, an attractive offer is the key!

92% of Millennials have been influenced to purchase by direct mail. By crafting the perfect offer, you can utilize that impact and guide recipients toward purchasing with your company.

3 Essentials for the Perfect Direct Mail Offer

Read on to learn the three key tips to remember when creating an offer for your next direct mail campaign.

1. Build the Offer around the Audience

Your offer will be much more effective and generate significantly higher revenue if it’s thoughtfully personalized to target a specific audience.

First, brainstorm which target audience you’d like to focus on for this direct mail campaign. Then, consider which offers would be most valuable and tempting to those in that demographic.

For instance, a restaurant with a target audience of parents with young children might decide on an offer of “buy two entrees, get a free kids’ meal” for a specific day of the week. Tailoring the offer to your specific audience will likely increase the response rate for your direct mail.

2. Make the Offer the Focal Point

Instead of adding the offer as the finishing touch to your ad copy, work with your visual design team to build the entire mail piece around the offer!

Placing the offer as the first step in your process is essential for making the most of your direct mail. Your offer should be the main focus of the mail piece, usually in the largest or boldest font size and a central location on the design.

Most importantly, planning out your offer first allows you to create the rest of the design in a way that will complement the ultimate goal or CTA (call to action). This prevents your offer from getting lost in the rest of the text on your mail piece.

3. Create Offers that Encourage Loyalty

While it is essential to consider your audience and how you visually present the offer to your customers, it’s also necessary to be intentional about which offers will create repeat customers for your business.

It can appear more cost-efficient to choose a simple offer for a direct mail campaign, such as “redeem this coupon for one free large coffee.” An offer like this might generate a high response rate, but many customers will likely redeem the coupon for their free reward and may never purchase again.

Instead, it’s important to evaluate the lifetime value of each customer- the amount of times the customer will return to your company to do business with you again. An offer such as the “free coffee” example might not encourage as many repeat customers, whereas an offer such as “buy one coffee, get one free” will likely attract customers with a higher lifetime value.

Keep these ideas in mind, and get creative with planning your next great direct mail offer! Our company is here for you along the way, offering high-quality direct mail services for all your needs. Visit our website today for more information.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Embossing in Print Projects: Ideal Applications

When was the last time your print marketing products exuded a sense of classic luxury and left a lasting memory?

Print projects do not have to be dull and two-dimensional. Texture is a vital element in creating visually striking printed materials. It has the power to influence emotions, trigger psychological associations, draw attention to the medium used, or focus our attention on the materials themselves.

Welcome to the World of Embossing!  

To begin, let us find some common ground on what embossing means.

Embossing involves creating a raised design or text on the surface of print materials. Companies today often utilize embossing for their logo, initials, or a specific pattern.

While embossing has been around since the 15th century, the process has been refined to provide cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality embossing. 

Embossing utilizes a die, a custom metal plate that carries the desired design, and the chosen material, typically paper. The die is pressed onto the material, creating a raised image and a three-dimensional effect highlighting your company's logo, initials, or a graphic.

Experiment with Embossing in Print Projects with These Ideal Applications

Business Cards

Craft a unique and notable business card that looks memorable and leaves a tangible impression.


Infuse elegance into any invitation with the classy addition of an embossed element.


Adding a three-dimensional aspect to your postcard will make consumers more likely to remember your mailer and connect with your company. 

Gift Bags

Give a gift that keeps on giving with a memorable bag for your customer to take home and continue to remember your business.


Don't let this often-forgotten piece of paper material be underutilized. Combine form with function by embossing your company envelopes.

Benefits of Embossing

Still not convinced to give embossing a try? Then, consider the following benefits of embossing.

Enhanced Texture

The embossed pattern, especially a double-embossed pattern, makes the paper product softer to the touch.

Aesthetic Appeal

Improve the appearance of print materials to make them more attractive and tactile. 

Stand Out

Rise above the competition with strategic and unique printed materials with a raised logo or visual.

Elevate your Printed Materials with the Art of Embossing 

Be classic with this traditional and revered method of printing. 

Be luxurious in your standards of print marketing materials and expect high quality. 

Be memorable by harnessing embossing to stand out from competitors by exploring new textures and techniques with embossing.

Connect with our print marketing experts today to begin your revitalization of printings with ideal applications of embossing!

Friday, January 5, 2024

New Year, New Business Cards

The start of a new year is always exciting for businesses and professionals.

It's the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year, set goals, and plan for the future. As we step into 2024, one thing that should be at the top of your list is updating your business cards.

Business cards may seem small, but they are an essential tool for networking and promoting your brand. They provide a tangible representation of you and your business, making it easier for potential clients or collaborators to remember you and reach out in the future.

Start the New Year Right with New Business Cards

Here are some reasons why getting new business cards should be on your to-do list for the new year.

A Fresh Start

With every passing year, businesses evolve and change.

Your services or products may have expanded, your branding may have been updated, or you might have a new job title.

Whatever the changes, it's important to reflect them on your business cards. Outdated information can leave a negative impression and make you appear out of touch with your business.

Getting new business cards is a simple way to start the year on the right foot, showing that you stay current and relevant in your industry. It also lets you update your design and incorporate new branding elements or colors.

Networking Opportunities

Attending networking events, conferences, or trade shows is a great way to connect with potential clients and partners.

And when you do, you want to ensure you have a professional and memorable way to exchange contact information. Handing out a well-designed business card is much more impressive than scribbling your number on paper or trying to remember someone's email address.

Ensure your new business cards represent you and your business in the best possible light. Choose a high-quality cardstock, add a unique touch with rounded corners or embossing, and make sure your contact information is clear and easy to read.

Showcasing Your Brand

Your business cards are an extension of your brand identity.

They should represent your company's values, personality, and aesthetics. If you have recently rebranded or updated your logo, it's crucial to have your new design on your business cards. It helps to solidify your brand in the minds of potential clients and partners.

Take advantage of the blank canvas business cards offer and get creative with your design. Use bold colors and unique fonts, or add images representing your brand.

Remember to keep your business cards professional and on-brand to make them stand out and leave a lasting impression. 

Staying Ahead of the Game

In today's digital world, we often rely on our phones or laptops to connect with others. However, having a physical business card shows professionalism and sets you apart.

When everyone else exchanges information digitally, handing out a well-designed business card adds a personal touch and leaves a lasting impression.

Keep your business cards handy, and you'll always be ready to make connections and promote your brand.

Start the new year on the right foot and give your business the professional touch it deserves with new business cards. Contact us today to get started!  

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

4 New Year's Resolutions for Marketing

The new year is the perfect time to make resolutions and lay out goals for your year ahead. 

Personal resolutions can help you improve your life or pursue new hobbies, and in the same way, making resolutions for your professional life can motivate you to try new things in the year ahead.

4 Ideas for Marketing Goals to Make in the New Year

Dream big and lay the foundations for a successful 2024 with some of these marketing ideas!

1. Upgrade Your Visuals and Images

Customers love to engage with marketing that uses high-quality imagery and interesting visuals.

So, set the goal for yourself to invest extra time into the visual appeal of your brand this year!

Is it time to update your logo or brand identity? Consider using a graphic designer to ensure you have a cohesive look that tells your brand story and engages your audience.

Using high-quality images in your marketing materials will also pay off. Consider hiring a photographer or utilizing stock photography from sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock for professional and compelling images.

2. Focus on Quality Content

As the saying goes, quality rather than quantity often matters most.

So, in 2024, focus your resolution on producing better content! It’s essential to ensure that the content you’re producing for your marketing materials is helpful and engaging for customers. 

Focus on writing that prioritizes a human connection, intentionally fosters trust, and is unique, engaging, and easily readable. This resolution will help to improve your user experience!

3. Update your Website

If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, make this the year you polish it up so it’s at its best!

Add new testimonials or reviews from happy customers, update the photos or design to make it more modern, or add new links and interactive features. 

One specific resolution you could make is to improve the functionality of your website. Statista reports that 17% of global web usage comes from cell phones, so it’s essential that your website is mobile-friendly! 

The start of the new year is also a great time to look back on your metrics and performance from the past year to see which features garner the highest customer response rate. Make adjustments to your website according to that data. 

4. Utilize Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing creates content to boost brand recognition, attract website visitors for information, and drive product interest and sales.

Examples of inbound marketing include blog posts, social media, and videos that focus more on education or entertainment than sales. You could even consider holding webinars, recording video sessions, or making a podcast related to your company.

Integrating these inbound marketing tactics with traditional methods like direct mail, flyers, and other print marketing can enhance visibility and amplify the overall effectiveness of both approaches.

As you head into the new year, our company is here for any print marketing needs that you might have, helping you bring success to your business! Visit our website today.