Tuesday, December 19, 2023

3 Print Marketing Ideas to Start the New Year Right

The new year is near, and with it comes new opportunities and ideas!

Isn't it time your company joined in on trying something new this year? The new year is the perfect time to begin afresh with your print marketing methods and ideas. Stay current and on-trend with the latest in advertising options.

Out with the old and in with the new and fresh ideas for your company!

According to research done by Harvard Business School, over 30,000 consumer products are launched yearly. What an incredible amount of new products vying for attention from consumers!

With all this competition, let our print marketing specialists work with you to create new, engaging ideas to gain traction in this fast-paced economy.

3 Print Marketing Ideas to Start the New Year Right

Branch out to try one of these three exciting and creative marketing ideas to boost your company's profile and exposure.

1. Go Big

Stand out from the crowd by literally going big! 

Explore the ideas below to get your company's profile out there in a show-stopping way.

Window Decals

Cling onto windows at your business and show off your promotions, sales, and info.


Celebrate your successes or upcoming events with vivid and engaging banners.

Vehicle Wraps

Be noticed in public in this unique way! Whether you're sitting in traffic or parked in a busy lot, people will always be drawn to the colorful and uniqueness of a car wrap.


Simple but effective. You can place posters in various venues at eye height for the highest engagement value.

Backlit Displays

Stay on trend with this enticing visual of light and imagery to boost your business profile.

Cardboard Cutouts

Choose a product or person from your company and make them life-size! Enjoy a shock value or express an essential element of your company with this life-size idea.

2. Stand Out with Unique Business Cards

Think outside the traditional paper stock rectangle!

Consider the following ideas for a modern twist on this classic printed item.

New and Thoughtful Shape

What makes sense for your company? A fish, circle, or human body? Select a shape that encompasses who your business is or a thoughtful connection to a motto.

Put the Fun in Functional

Place your information on a usable product such as a dish scrub, bottle opener, or comb.

3. Test Out Textures

The following options give your customers texture to feel and remember on your printed materials.


Embossing is the art of raising your paper. Debossing is the imprinted or depressed image into a paper product.


Soft to the touch and memorable, strike a creative and unique cord with your future customers by utilizing the modern touch of a felt accent on your printed material.

Die Cut

Crisp, clean, and clever. Die cuts in your printed marketing materials create depth, richness, and individuality for your business. Stand out with die cuts to get you a cut above the rest!

Head to our website or stop by our store, and let's collaborate to begin crafting your new print marketing ideas today!

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

3 Reasons Brochures Still Have a Role in Modern Marketing

The classic tri-fold brochure.

These documents with information, images, contact info, and a flashy slogan are commonly seen in clinic waiting rooms, on tourist boards, or inside your local paper.

You may wonder, "In this digital age of social media, emails, and streaming services, do brochures still have a place in marketing?" 


Because of their portability, unique designs, tangible quality, and simplicity (no pop-ads interrupting your future customer), brochures offer a creative and effective marketing option to boost your exposure to current and prospective customers.

The Role of Brochures in Modern Marketing

Here are three reasons why brochures still have a role to play in modern marketing.

1. Slow Down Your Customer

Allow your potential customer the time to read about your company on their own terms, without notifications or emails interrupting them.

In our fast-paced world, sometimes a simple brochure is just the right amount of reading a person wants in an ad.

According to a recent study, over 95% of recipients of brochures read at least the main points. This study encourages brochures because it found that once individuals have a brochure, they almost always read at least the most critical information.

2. Break the Ice

Brochures are also an excellent ice breaker between you and your future client, giving you some common ground to discuss when you first meet.

When potential customers pick up and read your brochure, they begin cultivating an understanding of your company.

As you meet with these clients and begin a relationship, this inaugural impression springs into action. 

3. Share More Info

With five separate sections spread out over a traditional trifold and room for an engaging front page, there is ample room to share your business's information, values, mission, success, and contact info on a brochure. 

What to Include in an Effective Brochure

Engaging Graphics

Vivid colors, clarity, and boldness in your visual aids are essential to grab and hold your audience's attention effectively. 

Consider every detail to entice your reader or potential customer,
making the experience more engaging and compelling.

Fonts and layout, often overlooked, are key elements that play a pivotal role in delivering your message and enhancing the effectiveness of your content.

Informative Images

Using graphs or charts is a helpful method to explain the impact of your business, give an overview of results, or highlight other positive aspects of your company. 

These visual aids are effective and straightforward to comprehend, offering a clear and concise representation of complex data or achievements.

Include Promotions or Coupons

Incorporating promotions or coupons into your brochure can significantly enhance its effectiveness.

By offering your customers actionable items, like encouraging a phone call or inviting them for a physical visit, you create a direct pathway for engagement.

Create bridges between you and future clients today with the power of a brochure. 

Contact one of our professional and personable marketing experts today to create a brochure that boosts your business! 

Friday, December 8, 2023

Spotlight on Specialty Printing: Foil Stamping

Step into the spotlight and discover the captivating world of foil stamping. 

Embellishments, like foil stamping, add a wow factor to your printed pieces. This extraordinary printing technique, originating in ancient China, has stood the test of time when artisans first adorned their creations with dazzling gold leaf. 

Today, foil stamping still reigns supreme, infusing a touch of luxury and sophistication into business cards, invitations, packaging, and promotional materials.

How it Works: The Artistry Unveiled

Get ready to be amazed as we reveal the magic of foil stamping.

A heated metal die meets a delicate foil sheet, and the magical transformation begins with just a touch of pressure.

The adhesive layer on the foil comes alive, gently transferring onto your chosen canvas.

The result?

A stunning raised metallic design that captures attention and radiates pure brilliance.

Types of Foil: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

Let your imagination run wild with an array of foil options, each possessing its charm and allure:

Metallic Foil

Embrace timeless elegance with classic gold, silver, or copper tones that exude prestige and sophistication.

Holographic Foil

Unleash a mesmerizing display of color with holographic foil, creating an enchanting rainbow effect that captivates the eye.

Matte Foil

For those seeking a subtle and refined aesthetic, matte foil offers a velvety finish that whispers of understated elegance.

Pigment Foil

Dive into a world of vibrant possibilities with pigmented foils, perfect for creating vivid designs on dark-colored materials.

Specialty Foil

Prepare to be spellbound by a menagerie of enchanting options, from dazzling glitter to captivating marble, woodgrain, and snakeskin. 

Advantages of Foil Stamping: Elevate Your Print Marketing Materials

Unlock the hidden potential of foil stamping and witness your print marketing designs come to life with these remarkable advantages.

Unparalleled Visual Allure

Infuse your creations with an irresistible allure, as the luminous metallic finish of foil stamping sets them apart from the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression.

Enduring Brilliance

Withstanding the test of time, foil-stamped prints retain their lustrous shine, undeterred by the rigors of handling and environmental conditions.

Boundless Versatility

Whether paper, cardstock, leather, or plastic, foil stamping effortlessly transforms any surface into a canvas for your imagination, making it the ultimate choice for diverse projects.

Infinite Customization

Embrace boundless creativity as you explore various foil colors and types.

Tailor each print to your heart's desire, shaping your brand or design with unmatched personalization.

Value for Investment

Witness the magic unfold as foil stamping delivers exceptional results in a single production step.

It's the perfect solution for high-end prints, a cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise quality.

Foil stamping is where brilliance meets craftsmanship, and every print becomes a work of art. 

Ready to elevate your designs and captivate your audience? Contact us today to discuss how foil stamping can play a role in your next print marketing initiative.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

9 Special Day-Themed Print Marketing Campaign Ideas for Winter

Winter is a season of crisp weather and festive joy. It's a time of year that presents your business with a prime occasion to initiate captivating, themed print marketing campaigns. 

From New Year to Valentine's Day, you can leverage plenty of holidays and events during this season to attract customers and boost sales.

From Cozy to Cool: 9 Print Marketing Strategies to Beat the Winter Blues

Here are 9 special day-themed print marketing campaign ideas for winter.

New Year, New You

Tap into the popular New Year's resolution trend by promoting your products or services to start the new year off right.

For example, a gym could offer eye-catching posters featuring special membership deals for those looking to get healthy.

Winter Wonderland Photo Contest

Encourage customers to take photos of themselves enjoying your products in a winter wonderland setting.

For participants or winners, print customized coupons or discount codes as prizes.

Valentine's Day Love Notes

Create creative love notes that can be given out with purchases leading up to Valentine's Day.

These can also be shared on social media using a branded hashtag. 

Groundhog Day Predictions

Have fun with the quirky holiday of Groundhog Day by creating a postcard campaign around predicting what products or services will be popular in the coming months.

President's Day Sale

Celebrate President's Day with special discounts and promotions offered to your customers via direct mail.

This approach can help you attract new prospects looking for holiday sales.

National Soup Month Recipes

If you sell food products, take advantage of January being National Soup Month by featuring recipes using your products in print materials.

Mardi Gras Mask Design Contest

Tap into the party spirit of Mardi Gras by hosting a mask design contest.

Create eye-catching posters and flyers promoting the contest and encourage customers to submit their designs to win prizes.

Super Bowl Party Supplies

Print flyers or catalogs featuring all the necessary supplies for throwing the ultimate Super Bowl party, including food, decorations, and even team-themed merchandise.

Winter Olympics-Inspired Campaign

During the Winter Olympics, create a campaign centered around your products or services being "gold medal worthy."

You could include unique discounts or promotions for customers who mention a specific athlete's name at checkout. 

Take advantage of these special day-themed print marketing campaign ideas. Start planning now to implement them this winter to attract new customers and boost sales. 

Looking for help with your next winter print marketing campaign? Contact us today!

Friday, December 1, 2023

Last-Minute Holiday Printing: Tips for Stress-Free Orders

The holiday season can be a busy and stressful time, especially for businesses trying to get their print materials ready before the end of the year.

With tight deadlines and high demand, it's crucial to have a well-planned approach when placing last-minute print orders during the holidays. 

Here are some tips for successful last-minute holiday printing orders, whether promoting a winter sale, sending holiday cards, or creating a personalized gift.

Last-Minute Print Orders for a Stress-Free Holiday? We've Got You Covered!

Plan Ahead

Plan your holiday print orders well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

Communicate your requirements early so there is sufficient time to prepare and allocate resources for your project.

Clearly Communicate Deadlines

Clearly communicate your desired delivery date and time.

Provide all the necessary details, including any specific requirements or expectations. This will help manage the workflow effectively and ensure timely delivery.

Utilize Expedited Services

If you have urgent print orders, inquire about expedited services.

There may be an option for faster turnaround times, such as same-day or next-day printing. While these services may come at an additional cost, they can be a lifesaver when time is of the essence.

Provide Print-Ready Files

To streamline printing and avoid delays, ensure your artwork files are print-ready.

Double-check the file format, resolution, color mode, and bleed or trim requirements. 

Opt for Digital Printing

Digital printing offers faster turnaround times than traditional printing methods.

Consider choosing digital printing for your holiday print orders, especially if you have a tight deadline. This technology allows for quick production without compromising on print quality.

Stay in Communication

Maintain open lines of communication throughout the process.

Regularly check in for updates on the progress of your print order. This will help build trust, manage expectations, and promptly address concerns.

Review Proofs Carefully

Before giving the final approval for printing, carefully review the proofs.

Pay attention to details such as colors, fonts, and overall layout. By ensuring everything is accurate, you can avoid costly reprints or delays caused by errors.

Stay Organized

Keep a record of all your print orders, deadlines, and communication.

This will help you stay organized and easily track the progress of your projects. Use project management tools or spreadsheets to keep up with your holiday print orders.

Following these tips can minimize stress and ensure a seamless experience when placing last-minute print orders during the holiday season. 

Effective communication and proper planning are vital to achieving stress-free holiday print orders. Get in touch today to discuss your holiday printing needs and enjoy a hassle-free printing experience.