Tuesday, December 12, 2023

3 Reasons Brochures Still Have a Role in Modern Marketing

The classic tri-fold brochure.

These documents with information, images, contact info, and a flashy slogan are commonly seen in clinic waiting rooms, on tourist boards, or inside your local paper.

You may wonder, "In this digital age of social media, emails, and streaming services, do brochures still have a place in marketing?" 


Because of their portability, unique designs, tangible quality, and simplicity (no pop-ads interrupting your future customer), brochures offer a creative and effective marketing option to boost your exposure to current and prospective customers.

The Role of Brochures in Modern Marketing

Here are three reasons why brochures still have a role to play in modern marketing.

1. Slow Down Your Customer

Allow your potential customer the time to read about your company on their own terms, without notifications or emails interrupting them.

In our fast-paced world, sometimes a simple brochure is just the right amount of reading a person wants in an ad.

According to a recent study, over 95% of recipients of brochures read at least the main points. This study encourages brochures because it found that once individuals have a brochure, they almost always read at least the most critical information.

2. Break the Ice

Brochures are also an excellent ice breaker between you and your future client, giving you some common ground to discuss when you first meet.

When potential customers pick up and read your brochure, they begin cultivating an understanding of your company.

As you meet with these clients and begin a relationship, this inaugural impression springs into action. 

3. Share More Info

With five separate sections spread out over a traditional trifold and room for an engaging front page, there is ample room to share your business's information, values, mission, success, and contact info on a brochure. 

What to Include in an Effective Brochure

Engaging Graphics

Vivid colors, clarity, and boldness in your visual aids are essential to grab and hold your audience's attention effectively. 

Consider every detail to entice your reader or potential customer,
making the experience more engaging and compelling.

Fonts and layout, often overlooked, are key elements that play a pivotal role in delivering your message and enhancing the effectiveness of your content.

Informative Images

Using graphs or charts is a helpful method to explain the impact of your business, give an overview of results, or highlight other positive aspects of your company. 

These visual aids are effective and straightforward to comprehend, offering a clear and concise representation of complex data or achievements.

Include Promotions or Coupons

Incorporating promotions or coupons into your brochure can significantly enhance its effectiveness.

By offering your customers actionable items, like encouraging a phone call or inviting them for a physical visit, you create a direct pathway for engagement.

Create bridges between you and future clients today with the power of a brochure. 

Contact one of our professional and personable marketing experts today to create a brochure that boosts your business! 

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