Tuesday, December 19, 2023

3 Print Marketing Ideas to Start the New Year Right

The new year is near, and with it comes new opportunities and ideas!

Isn't it time your company joined in on trying something new this year? The new year is the perfect time to begin afresh with your print marketing methods and ideas. Stay current and on-trend with the latest in advertising options.

Out with the old and in with the new and fresh ideas for your company!

According to research done by Harvard Business School, over 30,000 consumer products are launched yearly. What an incredible amount of new products vying for attention from consumers!

With all this competition, let our print marketing specialists work with you to create new, engaging ideas to gain traction in this fast-paced economy.

3 Print Marketing Ideas to Start the New Year Right

Branch out to try one of these three exciting and creative marketing ideas to boost your company's profile and exposure.

1. Go Big

Stand out from the crowd by literally going big! 

Explore the ideas below to get your company's profile out there in a show-stopping way.

Window Decals

Cling onto windows at your business and show off your promotions, sales, and info.


Celebrate your successes or upcoming events with vivid and engaging banners.

Vehicle Wraps

Be noticed in public in this unique way! Whether you're sitting in traffic or parked in a busy lot, people will always be drawn to the colorful and uniqueness of a car wrap.


Simple but effective. You can place posters in various venues at eye height for the highest engagement value.

Backlit Displays

Stay on trend with this enticing visual of light and imagery to boost your business profile.

Cardboard Cutouts

Choose a product or person from your company and make them life-size! Enjoy a shock value or express an essential element of your company with this life-size idea.

2. Stand Out with Unique Business Cards

Think outside the traditional paper stock rectangle!

Consider the following ideas for a modern twist on this classic printed item.

New and Thoughtful Shape

What makes sense for your company? A fish, circle, or human body? Select a shape that encompasses who your business is or a thoughtful connection to a motto.

Put the Fun in Functional

Place your information on a usable product such as a dish scrub, bottle opener, or comb.

3. Test Out Textures

The following options give your customers texture to feel and remember on your printed materials.


Embossing is the art of raising your paper. Debossing is the imprinted or depressed image into a paper product.


Soft to the touch and memorable, strike a creative and unique cord with your future customers by utilizing the modern touch of a felt accent on your printed material.

Die Cut

Crisp, clean, and clever. Die cuts in your printed marketing materials create depth, richness, and individuality for your business. Stand out with die cuts to get you a cut above the rest!

Head to our website or stop by our store, and let's collaborate to begin crafting your new print marketing ideas today!

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