Friday, March 29, 2024

Unfold New Possibilities with Gatefold Designs

According to International News Media Association research, print readers devote 20 minutes or more to a publication, while digital readers spend less than five minutes. If you're aiming to capture your audience's attention, print materials, like brochures, are the way to go. 

The standard tri-fold brochure does the job well, but if you want to elevate its effectiveness, maybe it's time for something different. Enter the gatefold!

A gatefold is a document folding method that creates curiosity or increases impact. Like elegant double French doors opening into a spacious room, the left and right panels of a gatefold brochure open and close toward each other, touching at the center instead of folding on top of each other as standard tri-folds do.

Why Consider a Gatefold?

Not sure how or why to experiment with this design? Here are several reasons, including practical examples.

Visually Striking Design

Gatefolds offer an effective way to create a visually striking design, as the "gates" can reveal different sections of the content when opened and closed.

Example: A gatefold brochure featuring two beach chairs in white sand invites readers to "dive in," exploring a travel brochure to find the best getaway destinations or detailed reservation information.

Interactive Experiences

Gatefolds create interactive experiences for readers because the journey into the multi-fold brochure makes each step more dramatic.

Example: Two grandiose colonial brochure doors are opened to reveal a "proven process" illustration with the step-by-step consulting journey for the customer's next major home renovation project.

Ideal for Promotional Materials

Gatefolds are ideal for promotional materials because marketers can include a lot of information in a small, single publication.

Double gatefolds add even more panels, operating as a book that opens with another interior section unfolded on both halves of the brochure (resulting in eight panels total).

Example: Like a magazine featuring a giant foldout of your favorite perfume (samples included!), this poster within a booklet format creates a spacious insert that tucks away nicely for mailers, displays, or as a compact handout for trade shows and events.

Cost-Effective Method to Increase Print Space

Gatefolds increase print space while saving money on mailers.

Because of the condensed format, gatefolds are a smart option for your next newsletter, party invitation, menu, or brochure.

Example: A booklet-style mailer unfolds into a six-step interactive map (QR codes included!) of a featured college campus or a financial planning checklist.


Gatefolds can be customized in various ways, such as adding die-cut shapes, including interior coupons or tearaways, or using different paper stocks and finishes to make the piece stand out.

Example: Front brochure panels for a pet adoption service could include peek-a-boo cutouts revealing the deep brown eyes of a puppy inside – one waiting for his forever home.

Because gatefolds encourage readers to explore inside, these designs create perfect places to tuck away important information, beautiful artwork, or detailed product information.

Bring a touch of elegance and sophistication by adding a gatefold to your next print publication! Contact us today at 864-882-3609 or to explore all the options and find the perfect fold option for your next project. 

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