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15 Design and Printing Tips for Table Tents with Maximum Impact

Table tents are a great way to grab your customers' attention and promote your products or services without being too pushy. They can be used in various settings, such as restaurants, cafes, trade shows, and events.

But simply having a table tent on display is not enough.

To make an impact and stand out from the competition, you must carefully plan and design your table tent.

Tips for Designing and Printing Table Tents with Maximum Impact

Here are 15 design and printing tips for creating table tents with maximum impact.

1. Know Your Audience

Before designing your table tent, it's essential to understand your target audience.

Knowing who your table tents are targeted at will help you determine their tone, style, and messaging. For example, if your target audience is families with children, use bright colors and playful fonts.

2. Keep it Simple

Table tents have limited space, so keeping your design simple and clutter-free is essential.

Avoid using too many images or text that can overwhelm the reader. Stick to one central message or call to action and ensure it's easy to read.

3. Use High-Quality Images

When choosing images for your table tent, opt for high-quality ones that capture your audience's attention.

Blurry or pixelated images can be a turnoff for customers and may reflect poorly on your brand.

4. Branding is Key

Make sure to include your company's branding on the table tent.

Common branding elements include your logo, brand colors, and other visual elements representing your brand. This will help customers recognize and remember your brand.

5. Choose Fonts Wisely

The font you choose can significantly impact the look and feel of your table tent.

Use legible, easy-to-read fonts. Avoid using more than two or three different fonts.

6. Consider the Layout

The layout of your table tent is crucial in grabbing and holding the reader's attention.

Use a hierarchy of elements to guide the reader's eyes toward important information. This can be done through font size, color, and placement of text and images.

7. Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors can make your design more visually appealing and help certain elements stand out.

For example, if you have a dark background, use light-colored fonts to ensure they are easily readable.

8. Make it Interactive

Consider adding interactive elements to your table tent to engage customers.

Examples of interactivity include a QR code that leads to a special offer or a scratch-off section revealing a discount. This will make your table tent more exciting and encourage customers to take action.

9. Include Essential Information

Your table tent should include all the necessary information for customers to understand your product or service.

Ensure information like pricing, description, and contact information are easy to find and read.

10. Use High-Quality Printing

Your table tent needs to be printed with high-quality materials to truly make an impact.

This will ensure that your design looks sharp and professional, making it more durable and long-lasting.

11. Consider Different Shapes

Table tents don't have to be limited to the traditional triangular shape.

Consider using different shapes, such as circles or squares, to make your table tent stand out.

12. Be Creative

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your design.

Creativity can help your table tent grab attention and leave a lasting impression on customers.

13. Proofread

Before sending your table tent to print, proofread it thoroughly.

Typos and grammatical errors can significantly diminish the impact of your design.

14. Use a Call to Action

Include a clear call to action on your table tent to encourage customers to take a specific action, such as trying out a new product or visiting your website for more information.

15. Test the Design

Don't be afraid to test different designs and elements to see what works best for your target audience.

Use customer feedback to make adjustments and continuously improve the effectiveness of your table tent design. By constantly testing and adjusting, you can create table tents with maximum impact that will benefit your business.  

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