Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Thinking Outside the Box: 8 Innovative Print Marketing Strategies That Stand Out

Looking for creative ways to increase business? Think print!

When your audience sees your business on paper or print, it stands out, and they remember it better than an online ad. Print marketing offers a variety of ways to capture people’s attention, leading to more business for you.

In fact, 56% of US consumers think that print marketing is more trustworthy than any other type of marketing. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to help build your brand and increase customer retention.

8 Innovative Print Marketing Strategies That Stand Out

1. Table Tents with Spiral Binding

These are fun, useful, and creative.

They keep customers’ attention through the months if used as a calendar. Otherwise, use them for products that you offer. Add some inspirational sayings and great pictures.

2. Clear Plastic Business Cards

Get attention by trying something unique and special, like plastic, see-through business cards.

People are more likely to keep them and put them in a prominent place.

3. Pop-Up Cards

These are so much fun!

Create an image, a logo, a product, or whatever your mind can invent to pop up when people open the card. These will not only get attention but keep it.

4. Die-Cut Image

Create something different with a shape that represents your business.

Then get a die-cut image of it to hand out as a business card, postcard, or other mailer.

5. Use Moving Advertising

Get a large magnet printed to put on your cars, vans, and trucks to get the word out about your business.

When people are stuck in traffic, they read these, which will promote your business more than you know.

6. Print Stickers

Stickers are popular right now, so why not capitalize on them?

Create fun stickers that promote your business and encourage people to keep them. If they are unique, people will put them on their water bottles, folders, journals, and other things they use every day.

7. Greeting Cards

Create your own greeting cards (with a graphic designer's help).

Put your logo on them so people know who to thank for the great cards. Hand them out to guests at trade shows, meetings, or at the front counter.

8. Scented Printing

There is a new way to get customers’ attention—scented printing.

Pick a fragrance that matches your image, and we can help you create a lasting memory with varnishes and coatings to get the scent you desire.

Your customers will love it, and it will leave an impression.

If you need more ideas or want to put one of these into action, we can help. Contact us today!

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