Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Print Marketing Design: Using Color to Stand Out

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso

Using color is as important as the words in your print marketing, if not more important. Color can not only attract customers to read and engage with your marketing, but it can also enhance or connect a certain mood or emotion to your business.

There have been many studies throughout the years about the power of color choice and the psychology behind it all. Stand out with your printed marketing and make a splash with thoughtful color choices that promote your business in its best light. 

The Psychology of Colors

Choosing the right color for the emotion or mood you want to convey is essential to every business. Consider the following colors and moods or emotions they enhance and whether or not they would compliment your business or detract from its core.

Red: Excitement, Passion, Anger

Did you know that hunger is enhanced at the sight of red? 

Many popular restaurants capitalize on branding and decorating with red to encourage customers to eat more.

Blue: Calm, Peaceful, Trust

Banks often use the color blue in their logo to assure customers they are trustworthy and have a calming presence.

Green: Nature, Growth, Optimistic 

Many technology companies use the color green to invoke feelings of optimistic growth and change.

This connection of green with growth parallels green pastures and fields in nature, how people typically connect green with the natural world’s growing plants.

Attract and retain attention with your customized print marketing designs and embrace the power of color! Connect with one of our local experts today to collaborate on color choices for your print marketing design to best promote your business! 

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