Monday, November 28, 2022

5 Reasons Every Small Business Should Send Holiday Cards

It's time to decide if you're sending holiday cards to your clients!

Sending cards in the mail to your clients and customers does a lot more for your company than you might think. Take a look at five reasons you should extend the extra effort to send out holiday cards.

5 Reasons Every Small Business Should Send Holiday Cards

1. Elicit Joy

Emotions play an integral part in the buying decision, and sending a holiday card will boost those feelings.

It makes people happy to receive fun mail in their mailboxes. And a card is a lovely, elegant touch.

2. Send Thanks

Thank your customers for their continued support throughout the year.

The wording should express your thanks or seasonal greetings in a way that highlights your relationship with your client. 

3. Stand Out

Raise above the competition.

Many businesses digitally wish people holiday greetings, but those get lost in the junk email category. By sending an actual card, people will notice and be more appreciative. 

4. Show You Care 

A simple card means a lot during the holidays.

Small acts of kindness significantly impact client loyalty, and they may keep a client from looking elsewhere. 

5. Break Through the Noise

A sales flyer might not get read, but a holiday card will.

It makes people feel warm and fuzzy and keeps them thinking of your company.

As the holidays approach, we want to thank you for your business. 

If you need help with your holiday cards, we have many options. Contact us today! 864-882-3609

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