Friday, March 7, 2014

Increase Awareness About Your Products

One of the biggest reasons many people don't buy quality products from businesses is because they simply aren't aware of what products are offered. Here are a few ways to increase awareness about your products and services:

  • Consider creative marketing avenues you haven't tried before. These may include table tents, lumpy direct mailers, door hangers, event flyers, bag inserts, statement stuffers, social media posts, chat forums, industry publications, tradeshows, and more. Test your marketing results via coupon codes and targeted promotions.

  • Create a regular product spotlight postcard campaign that highlights various products or services you offer.

  • Create a customer referral program that encourages loyal customers to spread the word about your business and do the selling for you.

  • Showcase happy customers who are using your product. Consider testimonial stories or brief customer quotes.

  • Team your marketing efforts with an established business that complements your offerings. Offer discounted promotions when purchasing both.

  • Create a goodwill marketing plan to increase name recognition and drive business while also giving back to your community. For example, you might sponsor a local charity event or donate a portion of your profits to a charity (e.g., "10 percent of all sales in June will be donated to XYZ charity").

  • Provide a risk-free trial offer and satisfaction guarantee to take the worry out of trying a new product.

  • Utilize social media by creating a company LinkedIn and Facebook page, and build your audience through employee connections.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering value add-ons, educating customers about industry trends, providing helpful tips, or simply having a live person answer your phones instead of a confusing, automated system.

  • Build your customer base by offering exclusive first-time customer promotions.

  • Learn from others. Collect examples of marketing materials or creative ideas that caught your attention, and combine some of your favorite features into customized ideas for your business.

We use many of these methods here at Print It! and have helped our clients throughout Seneca, Upstate South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. If you need help creating the perfect marketing materials that are sure to get noticed and remembered, give Mike a call or email today!

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